Guancavilca Museum

Old building transformed into a Community center & Museum
This project was made with the collaboration and enthusiasm of Data de Posorja community, The «cabildo» of the community and Vivientes Staff.
Make the space functional with low investment.
Rescue ancestral iconography on the building and a museum to gather the new archaeology pieces found on the area.
(This is a inside community project – no government or foundation)

Photos taken on «Data de Posorja Festival» – During that week folklore groups, university students and international volunteers participate on the event.


Data de Posorja (the community) is located where the ancestral culture Huancavilcas (Guancavilcas) lived.
Patterns were made from the graphic parametres of ancestral painting.
Some texture test before using them on walls.
The elementos used where: paint, stencil, some pictures and a lot of community love <3
Community children on the comunity museum.
Some Arts with the story of the community and huancavilcas culture
Stencil & Ancestral values
A short course to learn about stencil and Huancavilcas culture – before the «minga» to paint and decorate the community house.
special Thanks to Alfredo Villamarin for some photos and this Video of the workshop.
Some Mixed photos


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