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Last Update 25 Dec 2014

Terraynova Team member of Casas Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes Project

My own will to contribute not only to my country but also to the world, gives me the chance to find a path to apply my knowledge in a field that let me develop and give options to improve the way of living of communities, my people…

Karen Gómez as Terraynova

Video Resumen

This project «Casas, Plazas y Escuelas Vivientes» is a creation of Nando Leon associated with Karen Gómez (me) for making it a reality. This project wants to create new models of living. Making the people and the earth the priority over the money. Applying the idea: Managing resources instead than money.

I (Karen) join the program as a visual designer and brand administrator. But today I’m working creating new ways of income and possibilities combining the ancestral culture, the skill and knowledge. – Check Karen’s Bio.

The project is self-funding and being already applied, getting excellent results.

My main point of interest is creating sustainable local employment, through activities that rescue ancestral values and technology. Creating not only income, but also increasing the attractiveness and potential tourism by this actions.

Projects CPEV

Examples of this are:

  • Ancestral fishing on Huancavilcas rafts (rescuing 500 years old traditions)
  • Woodworking with recycled pallets, mixing today’s and ancestral’s designs. (Home decoration, exchange and sell) – Rurrana 
  • Organic farming mixing ancestral and today’s technology.
  • Application of ancestral iconography on signaletics and public environment for cultural rescue.
  • I also invite British Teachers to teach english to the children from the community. Creating the first step to global knowledge and interculturality.

Super Adobe

The next step of the project is to build the earth houses on the scientific station in the commune. The goal is to teach the community so they can build their own earth-houses. I designed a tiny house of superadobe, that is cheaper but equally resistant to a cement house, and provides all the resources of a worthwhile home. It is an alternative for the local typical rusty cane house.

This project was applied on «Data de Posorja» ancestral community.
Check this video below to see the results.

Now we are searching for new communities to expand the project.

For further information about the project check the projects blog Or Data de Posorja Page for everyday progress.


Facebook - Data de Posorja

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